While ENCORE Academy has a focus on the arts, a strong academic curriculum is the cornerstone of the school’s program. Mixing teacher experience, state mandated standards, data driven knowledge of students, and a number of electronic and paper-based materials, the staff at ENCORE Academy implements a program, aligned to the Louisiana Academic Standards, that aims at being culturally relevant and meeting the needs of all students in the building regardless of their current academic success. Information about the standards can be found at Literacy and Math Nights will be held throughout the year to support families in their understanding of what their students need to know at each grade level.

As an Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) authorized charter school, ENCORE Academy is required to take part in yearly state testing and benchmarking. This means all 3rd-8th grade students will be taking the Louisiana LEAP 2025 Assessments in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. You can support your student in being ready for these important assessments by working with them and their teachers throughout the year as they strive to master the grade level standards. A testing calendar will be posted and distributed once it is finalized for 2019-2020 testing.

In addition to their daily class instruction, ENCORE Academy many students in grades 1-8 participate in a block of intervention/enrichment in the areas of Reading and Mathematics referred to as Dragon Training. During this time, students are regrouped based on academic need as determined by ongoing progress monitoring, benchmarking, and teacher evidence. These groups may take the form of small group tutoring, computer aided instruction or reinforcement, or large group instruction.

For students who are struggling, a data-driven plan will be created that defines the interventions necessary for the students to move forward in meeting the standards for literacy and numeracy. For students who are at or above grade level, ENCORE Academy provides students with the opportunity to reach higher levels of achievement by allowing them to work on more complex assignments, projects, or higher-grade-level tasks. High performing eighth grade students at ENCORE Academy have the opportunity to take high school English I and Algebra I for high school credit.