The Exploratory Arts

ENCORE Academy believes strongly in the importance of providing students the chance to explore and interact with the arts, especially instrumental and vocal music, dance, visual arts, theater, computer skills and coding, culinary arts and language. All students have at least 80 minutes of arts instruction each day. In addition to providing students with a strong basis for developing a lifelong skill, arts education also enriches the educational process, teaches valuable group skills, emphasizes following directions, promotes creativity, and enhances an individual’s brain development. Because we value the arts at ENCORE Academy, all students receive a grade for their exploratory arts classes. In the Middle Academy, exploratory arts grades are included in the calculation for GPA.

Beginning in grade five, ENCORE Academy students may select their two daily exploratory arts classes from World Language language (7th and 8th only), literacy explorations, (7th and 8th only), band, percussion, strings, theater, dance, percussion, visual arts, and voice. (If the data shows a student is at great risk for not meeting the academic standards set by the State of Louisiana, he/she may be placed in an additional academic support class and attend only one exploratory arts class each day rather than two.)

At the beginning of the school year, your student’s exploratory arts teachers will share the skills they will be teaching throughout the course of the three trimesters.