To assist our continuous efforts to provide high quality educational opportunities for the students of Orleans Parish, ENCORE Academy contracts with various private entities. These entities perform a wide array of services intended toenhance the educational experience of our students. Services that are provided to ENCORE Academy by privateentities may require the use and transfer of your child's personally identifiable information. Personally identifiableinformation, for example, may include your child's name, date of birth, or other information which alone or in combination can reasonably and specifically identify your child.


Examples of the types of services that require the use of personally identifiable information include, but are not limited to:

·         Publication of annual yearbooks

·         Photography services for school pictures or school publications

·         Publications in periodicals of the honor roll or other student achievements

·         Creation of sports programs

·         Bus routing and transportation services

·         Internet and Wi-Fi access

·         Use of curriculum-related software

·         Direct or related services (e.g., speech, OT, PT) to students with disabilities


The personally identifiable information shared or transferred is for the purpose of and necessary for the performance ofservices conducted on behalf of or provided to ENCORE Academy or its students. The private entities are bound by federal and State confidentiality laws and will take affirmative steps to protect student information.


Pursuant to Act 667 of the 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session, ENCORE Academy is posting the following information regarding the transfer of a student's personally identifiable information (PII) to private entities who provide educational and technology services through ENCORE Academy. We have contracts with the entities below. The Contract Profiles linked to each company identify a contact person, which PII is transferred, and how the information is used. It is the hope of ENCORE Academy that this page will give parents and guardians confidence in the proper handling of their child's personally identifiable information.

Data Privacy Protocols

Data Elements Document